Python script that tweets for you| Daily Python #26


  1. Python 3.0
  2. Pip

Install the following packages:

  1. tweepy — Library that provides easy access to Twitter APIs
  2. requests — Library to making HTTP requests.
  3. json — Library to handle JSON objects
  4. time
pip install tweepy requests

Let’s import the required modules

import requests
import tweepy
import time
import json

The first step is to set up the Twitter Bot using ‘tweepy’

def setup_Bot():
consumerKey = "YOUR_API_KEY"
consumerSecret = "YOUR_API_KEY_SECRET"
accessToken = "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN"
accessTokenSecret = "YOUR_ACCESS_TOKEN_SECRET"
auth = tweepy.OAuthHandler(consumerKey, consumerSecret)
auth.set_access_token(accessToken, accessTokenSecret)
api = tweepy.API(auth)
return api

Now, let’s write a function that will fetch an inspirational quote for the bot

def get_Quote():
params = {
res = requests.get('',params)
jsonText =json.loads(response.text)
return jsonText["quoteText"],jsonText["quoteAuthor"]

Finally, let’s write a loop that will tweet an inspirational quote every minute

api = setup_Bot()
while True:
quote,author = get_Quote()
status = quote+" -"+author+"\n"+"#python \
#dailypython #twitterbot #pythonquotes #programming"
print('\nUpdating : ',status)
print("\nGoing to Sleep for 1 min")
except Exception as ex:
The output of the twitter bot
Snip of the tweets posted by the bot

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Ajinkya Sonawane

Ajinkya Sonawane

Yet Another Developer Developer!

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